~ RAAM Power Inc.~
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RAAM Power, Inc. (herein referred to as the "Company"), dedicates itself to the efficient
production, use and conservation of renewable energy sources. To accomplish this goal,
the Company will identify and implement new technologies for energy that will take full
advantage of available resources, proximity to established power grids, and the availability
of low or non-polluting energy sources. The Company is focused on the resources of wind
and solar to create electric power. The Company specifically is focusing on the current
issues of global warming and environmental concerns associated with this trend.
Through proper management and sound business practices, the Company intends to
establish and maintain long-term client relationships, which have been founded on the
highest standards of integrity. The Company will also provide the highest levels of service at
the lowest possible cost.

Purpose and Objective

The Company will dedicate itself to the efficient production and conservation of renewable
energy sources (electricity) by utilizing and implementing the new technology with wind and
solar which will benefit the general population. We will improve the existing power
generation problems by tracking trends worldwide so our objectives can be achieved. One
of the Company's objectives is research into the transmission grid obstacles.

The Company will also educate larger companies with energy saving solutions that will
lower their utility production costs while forcing them to become environmentally
responsible. Finally, the Company will purchase new and approved land parcels for power
generation, sell state of the art complete turn key power generation packages to all sizes of
energy companies and municipalities and take advantage wherever possible, of the use of
new technology and efficient power lines in grids where they are needed most.

Executive Summary

The Company was organized to identify and implement new and non-polluting energy
sources as an alternative source of creating electricity, instead of using what is available
and used today. The Company has conducted extensive preliminary market research
regarding current problematic trends, grid capacity factors, escalating prices and
diminished supply options contributing to the short and long term power supply crisis in the
United States and elsewhere. As a result of this research, the Company has identified new
and improved ways of producing electricity, specifically targeting environmentally sound
power generation, by using unwanted by-products used to produce methane, and also
implementing the resources of wind and solar generation, while taking advantage of energy
conservation and decreased costs of production and usage.

The Company has identified numerous alternative sources to create the energy needed to
convert to power generation. Of the energy sources researched, the Company has decided
to focus its efforts on wind and solar power.